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Montenegrone Tunnel (BG)

Single light point control with conveyed waves, Maestro software data integration with general supervision system


Val Seriana, in the province of Bergamo, has always suffered from a critical road traffic condition. State road 42 that connects it to the Milan-Brescia motorway passes through the urban area of ​​Bergamo. The level reached was almost collapsing when ANAS decided to open an alternative route, to unload at least the traffic bound for Venice at the Seriate tollbooth.

The cornerstone of this project was the opening of a challenging gallery, the Montenegrone, which presented itself as a complex work. In fact, 3378 meters of excavation had to be carried out to connect Nembro, in Val Seriana, to Seriate, through the S.P. 35.
The Bergamo Pronvica, to which ANAS has transferred the management of this important infrastructure, requiring high safety standards, particularly in the lighting system.

The Montenegrone is a type B extra-urban road tunnel, with a single archway, without internal escape routes, with two-way traffic and a length of 3378 meters.


The system is made up of 1500 projectors of variable power between 100W and 400W, equipped with SAP lamp and all monitored individually by an LPS module, and connected to various power supply circuits: the circuits relating to permanent lighting, reinforcements and to emergencies.

The lighting system is equipped with Reverberi SEC STP luminous flux regulators, installed both upstream of the reinforcement circuits and of the permanent one. The 1500 LPS modules - Opera products - were installed, when the temperature conditions allowed, inside the projector or in an external container with IP66 protection.

The equipment in the field is connected by optical fiber to each other and to the various cabins, all the information then flows into the Command and Control Center. This is connected H24 to the Control Center of the Province, where all the information concerning the state of the systems, the measures, the alarms and from where any required interventions are activated.

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