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Piazza San Marco, Venice (VE)

Single light point remote management for the projectors of the Basilica and Piazza San Marco in Venice

Concerts, shows and events are part of everyday life in one of the most beautiful and famous squares in Italy: Piazza San Marco in Venice.

Based on the lighting needs of the square, it is now possible to configure the operation of each individual luminaire thanks to the Opera remote management system by Revetec.

The DIMmy module combined with the IOM for detecting the electrical parameters of the panel and managing the events is mounted on the electrical panel that manages the system; the LPM / D module for the management and communication via conveyed waves of the devices mounted on the lighting fixtures and a GSM modem for communication with the control center.

The square is illuminated by 14 LED projectors with a power of 185W: in each of these the LPC powerline controller module has been mounted, which detects the electrical parameters of the lamp, controls its switching on / off and dimming via the DALI command. There are also 3 400W power projectors and a 600W projector for illuminating the Basilica: on these are mounted LPS powerline controller modules for the detection of electrical parameters.

In the control center, located in Marghera, there is the Maestro software: the measurements, the events of the panel and of each individual luminaires are downloaded via the GSM connection. In this way it is possible to monitor the system and to have operating anomalies in real time.

With the software it is also possible to modify the settings of the modules on the panels, in particular through the settings of the LPM / D module it is possible to set scenographic cycles to manage the operation of each individual luminaire. It is therefore possible to set and schedule remotely: switching on and off and different levels of reduction of the luminous flux according to the lighting needs of the square.