Success Stories
Requalification of public lighting in the historical city of Arezzo (AR)

Remote Management of single lighting points in Arezzo, high technology lighting system

Italian Actor Leonardo Pieraccioni makes a film in the center of Arezzo city and needs dimming for the shooting? Today doing this from Municipality office has been possible by monitoring and controlling switch off and dimming of each lighting point remotely.

Thanks to the intervention of requalification it is now possible the remote control of public lighting systems: LPC and LPM modules belonging to Revetec OPERA range were installed on the control panels and AEC lighting fixtures.
The system allows to monitor energy consumption and anomalies in the electrical panel, control the on/off status of each lighting point, adjust dimming as well as detect faults in real time.

The LPC module installed on lighting fixtures, as matter of fact, detects the electrical parameters of each lamp, performs on/off status and dimming and offers, in addition, the possibility of programming a daily cycle up to 5 stages of on/off lamp or dimming at pre-set times.

The Control Center consists of a server with Maestro2 software, located in the offices of the Municipality of Arezzo. The software includes the detailed registry information of the control panels and lighting units with the possibility of active viewing on cartographic maps.
With the remote control, the Control centre of the City can change the settings of the modules both on control panel or on single lighting point, connect in real time the synoptic of the panel or of the lamp displaying electric parameters and on/off override or dimming.