Success Stories
Vodafone Village (MI)

Efficiency and energy saving in the new headquarters in Milan


The Vodafone Village is a new environmentally friendly complex, 67.000mq of covered area which houses about 3,000 employees at the new Vodafone Headquarters in Milan.
The complex consists of three office buildings (respectively 14, 11 and 9 floors) and a multipurpose venue hosting the canteen of 400 seats, an auditorium / theater for 380 people, a Learning Center with 9 classrooms.


For the lighting of outdoor areas, it was decided to move from a solution with standard fixtures to a LED solution, by adopting the device ILO LED for street lighting and TABLED for long pedestrians arcades of the complex, guaranteeing, in addition to a high efficiency, a high visual comfort.
For areas of entry and connections between the buildings were instead collected proper ceiling structures, especially designed to meet the needs of installation, where are placed four modules of 9 LEDs each equipped with the Comfort Light Optic
All fixtures installed to Vodafone Village were equipped with remote control system point - point, which allows dimming through power line carrier. With this option, dimming can be associated with regular monitoring and remote control of the individual unit.
In this Vodafone complex the management of the lighting was provided by Revetec. Thanks to Revetec solutions it is possible, in fact, control the switching on / off of each lighting point, adjust the luminous intensity, monitor power consumption in real time and detect any issues.
The system manages no. 222 LPC modules installed in the AEC LED fixtures. At programming level, six different groups of lamps have been set, and each group has been assigned a scenographic command that adjusts the dimming of the LED during operation. By setting three different sets assigned to six groups of lamps, thanks to the modules LPM/C and LPC Revetec, every night the LEDs run automatically control cycles that allow significant energy savings.
There is also the possibility to monitor and change the settings at any time using the remote control system: all modules LPM /C are in fact connected via network to the central monitoring system of Vodafone Village. With the remote control it is possible to know all the electrical parameters of the lamps: it is therefore possible to monitor energy consumption and detect any anomalies in the functioning of the system.


It is estimated that thanks to the adoption of LED lighting, annual savings will be about 55,870 kWh, equivalent to an emission reduction of 33.5 tons of CO2 per year, not counting the economic benefit derived from reduced maintenance costs and replacement compared to standard fixtures.
The only point-to-point dimming will lead to obtain an energy saving of more than 30%.