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Lighting tests at the Bari Chamber of Commerce (BA)

Dynamic control of shadows and colors in the lighting of a monumental facade


This study analyzes and evaluates the opportunity that some technological applications may allow you to change the design settings of existing plants. These interventions, although not radical, allow you to vary some parameters in order to offer a plurality of images, even in a dynamic succession, of the illuminated object, improving its aesthetic aspects.

It therefore becomes possible to intervene on existing lighting, changing, guided by evaluation algorithms, the graduation and optimization of the system of shadows produced on a monumental building.


The possibility of intervening on existing lighting is implemented by changing the directional arrangement of the lights, not mechanically, but with the targeted and timely partialization of the power supplies of the existing sources, carried out with additional electronic devices.

With this system it is possible to vary even the hue or color of the light itself, in relation to the images that are allowed to be proposed for an illuminated monument. These possible interventions with small additional costs do not distort the installed works, but substantially effect a programmed variation of the luminous fluxes of each source, with commands piloted by the already tested technology, of the waves conveyed on the existing lines.
The consequent significant scenographies, clearly within the limits of what can be allowed to protect the image of the monument, even limiting the possibilities that the technological means allows, can bring an added value to artificial lighting, the need for which is already felt by the audience of the users.