Success Stories
Industrial shed I.P.A., Palermo (PA)

Energy saving and intelligent lighting with Intelux controllers


I.P.A. Steel Pole Industry is a factory in Carini, in the province of Palermo, manufacturing lighting road poles and external ones in general. The management of I.P.A. had the aim to contain the top of energy consumption complying with European requests, such as those mentioned in Green-light European program, and conforming the lighting plant to the real productive needs, exploiting at the top the daylight


To achieve this aims I.P.A. has chosen Revetec, that has realized a special project through the installation of source controllers of Intelux Range. I.P.A.'s shed, having an area of about 1600 m2, has been subdivided into two areas, A and B, having a different daylight contribution.
The A area has been divided into 6 zones, each one served through three-phase line loaded by means of 10 metallic halide lamps of 400W. Each line is controlled by three source controllers of 3,7 kVA, one per phase with a common neutral wire.
During the daylight, the zones 3 and 4, active 24 hours a day, are set by a control unit at four predetermined lighting levels, enabling to choose the requested level according to their activities. All devices are assembled in one ventilated enclosure.
Instead the B area, composed of three zones, is served by three single-phase lines with three source controllers (7x400W) and one of 10 kVA (8x400W). Two photocells have been foreseen, one for the first zone and one for the others two. The necessary devices too, for the B zone are assembled in a ventilated enclosure.