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Proplast, Ponte Piave - Treviso (TV)

Intelux controllers for lights intelligent management in a factory


In the new PROPLAST Company's factory in Ponte Piave (TV), the maximum sunlight exploitation to obtain energy saving in the designing phase has been the main rule. Therefore the building architecture has been conceived with wide longitudinal skylights, lighting the below area during many hours in a day. The designer wanted to install a dynamic artificial lighting plant, enabling, during the night hours too, to dim according to the real user's needs.


Using electronic controllers of  Revetec, Intelux Range, arranged upstream of each line, it has been possible to subdivide the area into three zones having different lighting needs: production, warehouse and products movement.

Devices for fluorescent lamps (2 x 58 W) have been installed and fed by traditional electromagnetic low loss ballasts, which can be dimmed till to 50% with power variation from 100% to 45%. The total power installed is 14 kW distributed on 17 single-phase lines, subdivided on the three zones above mentioned. 3 regulators of 10kVA, 12 of 5,8 kVA  and 2 of 3,7 kVA, have been arranged, one for each line between the controlled phase and neutral without service lines. The plant has been set at the desired level lux, saving the additional power rate installed considering the maintenance factor.
During the day each zone is controlled by a photocell  controlling the zone controllers, through a control unit. During daylight, the lighting is dimmed without changing the predetermined lux. If daylight is enough to the required lighting, the lighting plant is automatically disconnected.
Also during the night the plant operates through three control units (one per zone) at four predetermined levels.


This solution enabled to keep the lighting uniformity and meanwhile obtain a considerable energy saving, according to the European Community rules and its “Green Light” program inciting big electric energy users to accept new technologies in order to reduce their energy consumptions.