Success Stories
Istituto G. Bertacchi, Lecco (LC)

Intelux controllers for lights intelligent management in a school


The Teachers' School "G. Bertacchi" in Lecco is a famous school complex.
Recently in this institute a series of works concerning lighting plants complying with the new rules and the re-qualification of all lighting system of classrooms, the two gymnasia, and other connective and service spaces (entries, halls, dressing-rooms).
In this Institute an energy saving strategy was put in action as the Provincial Administration of Lecco, extremely sensible to all new dictates about energy saving in public buildings expressly required. The Institute has been equipped with a Intelux Range system.


"Bertacchi"'s Institute is built on three floors where all classrooms with pertinent halls and annex rooms are located. On the first floor there are two gymnasia. All rooms are lighted up by new devices having high efficiency optics and equipped with type T8 fluorescent lamps (diameter 26 mm), low loss electromagnetic ballast and with 400W metal halide lamps for gymnasia controlled by Intelux Range's electronic units in their pertinent electric panels. Six photocells send signals to these devices (four external for classrooms, two internal for gymnasia) in order to enable these sensors to receive all the possible natural light changes, and all classrooms to have the constant lighting level necessary to the correct school activities. As, some rooms might risk in a more or less remarkable way, to have external lighting changes. That's the reason we have installed several photocells considering, very carefully, the location of each single classroom, the possible luminous rays obstacles and the apparent sun course during all the four seasons. 


Intelux range's products have achieved excellent reliability and practicality levels combining automatic timing and plant calilbration at the maximum lux level desired, saving in this way the most installed power due to the maintenance factor M.
It hasn't been necessary to replace the existing electric plants to control the luminous flux, as we don't intervene on the feeding of each single device, that's to say it isn't necessary to replace the electromagnetic reactor and the starter by a new electronic dimming (that it'd cost a lot) and then you avoid the signal cable installation. Only feeding and protection cables will remain (phase, neutral, ground) because timing is made upstream by a single device in the electric panel where circuits start.
Plant performances prove an average energy saving in the year of 35% with picks of 53% during sunny days thanks to the natural light contribution.

Controls effectued during plant tests on two controllers at minimum and maximum power (per each electric quantity will find the reduction percentages as regards upstream controller values).