Success Stories
Unità d'Italia Square, Trieste (TS)

Energy saving with SEC STP controllers and remote control system


During the re-paving and urban fittings works carried on by the Municipality of Trieste, concerning Unità d'Italia Square, the AC.E.GA.S. S.p.A. has been charged to plan and realize public lighting plants and decorative lighting plants of all palaces faces the above mentioned square.
The project should be completed by the re-qualification one committed to Arch. Huet.
The aim is to give the square again, the look of "good-sitting room" and the meeting point of all citizens, as it had always been since the beginning of its realisation. In the lighting project it clearly appeared the need to carry out the lighting plants in a new way, trying to join public and artistic lighting. The idea is to reduce by a source controller the luminous intensity of candelabra, in order that the light on the square is the essencial effect of the decorative light reflection of palaces; besides, when these ones are switched off, the source controller brings the candelabra again to their complete luminous intensity.
Through a remote control system it's also possible to control the regular switch on/off of plants when some special cultural events on the square occur (demonstrations, concerts, etc.). 


The project has been carried out in collaboration with Revetec, a new control panel of about 100kW power is equipped with:

  • remote control modules and GSM modem enabling from a remote position to check the operating parameters of plants and to remote control single groups of users according to the different needs, controlling a different switch on/off of 11 circuits subdivided into 7 switch on levels, including default and feeding signals;
  • 3 SEC ST Reverberi's Range power reduction units operating as source controller for decorative candelabra (8 candelabra at 5 flames, 40 p.l. each one of 250 W mercury vapours) and voltage stabilizers for other plants;
  • protections of output circuits equipped with automatic self-reset blocks combined with the differential switches to optimize the service continuity;
  • by-pass to assure, in any case, the manual management on place.

The remote management software, enables, through the modem, the control of the proper plant functioning, the output voltage level from controllers, the absorbed power in the different operative hours and the obtained saving.


Operators noticed as follows :

  • considerable shortage as regards damage repairing, which normally need from more than a day to less than an hour when serious damages occur, assuring a better service to all citizens;
  • lower maintenance costs of plants;
  • stabilization of feeding voltage;
  • greater life of lamps and devices;
  • energy saving during night hours.

In some cases alarms dating or measure events has enabled the Organisation to show that during a certain moment in the night the plant was lighted up, so it wasn't due to a light lack a certain inquired incident.