Success Stories
West Industries, Taranto (TA)

Intelux controllers for lights intelligent management in a factory


In 1992 WEST INDUSTRIES spa, member of the ALENIA Group, opened a new plant in Taranto covering an area of 14.000 m2. The plant was designed for the production of materials and products for electrical propeller propulsion gear cases. The complex was fitted with wide skylights to be used to the maximum during the day light hours. The artificial lighting system is made up of 400 HPI-BUS metal halide lamps of 400 W, positioned at a height of 14 metres.


The area is divided up into 8 similar sections of 30x60 m. Each section is served by 8 lines fitted with 6 or 8 fixtures. The single lines are controlled with Intelux controllers of 5,7 kVA. All the controllers in one section are controlled by a control unit piloted by a sensor which continuously reads lighting level output of the area of interest.
The lighting level is gradually controlled from 100% to 50% and vice versa, according to the available daylight.


This solution consents significant savings on installed energy during the day, when the lighting level output is controlled. The energy saving over a year amounts to 30%. In addition have savings deriving from increased lamp life (+ 50%). and the consequential reduced maintenance costs.