Success Stories
Knitwear factory GRC, Biella (BI)

Intelux controllers for lights intelligent management in a factory


Up to 1999, the knitwear factory GRC production plant in Biella used a conventional lighting plant, without implementing any optimisation schemes.
After noting that a large percentage of the high energy costs could be attributed to lighting plant, management to start looking for solutions to try and guarantee a more efficient, economic lighting service. The choice ended up in the adoption of an Intelux system, in that it showed that it could gradually and continuously reduce absorbed power, varying artificial light flux in relation to available daylight coming from skylights on the roof of the building.


The artificial lighting plant has 53 fixtures, each with twin 58 W fluorescent lamps to cover an area of about 300 m2, with a total installed power of 7 kW. Light output control is commissioned to seven 3,7 kVA (16 A) Intelux fixtures controlled by a light sensor photocell. Whatever the conditions, the lighting system guarantees that required lighting levels are reached, varying the artificial component in relation to available daylight. When there is enough available daylight to satisfy lighting levels, the lighting plant automatically goes off.


The excellence in choices made during project phase was confirmed from subsequent readings, which showed that an overall energy saving of about 48% had been achieved. In this particular case, even though the reduction on maintenance costs is rather limited, the investment redemption time still remains well under a threshold of three years.