Success Stories
Skoda Car production plant, Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic)

Intelux controllers for lights intelligent management in a factory


In 1997, AKTÉ Ltd, distributor of INTELUX products in the Czech Republic, started working in the SKODA CAR production plant in Mladá Boleslav on a project to restructure the lighting plant in the Hall V17. We are talking about an area of 35.000 m2, previously served by 1700 lighting fixtures, equipped with mercury vapour lamps of 400 and 1000 W. The total installed power was 950 kW. On this occasion, apart from supplying lighting fixtures and control system, AKTÉ also designed and installed the plant. The project saw to replacement of lamps and lighting fixtures as well as installing an energy saving lighting control system. The system had to reduce artificial light in proportion to available daylight making sure that required lighting levels (according to the needs of the various production departments) were maintained and to automatically turn off lighting plant when required lighting level could be totally guaranteed by available natural daylight.


AKTÉ decided to entrust plant control to Intelux controllers and in this way satisfy the above mentioned needs. The first job was to replace the mercury vapour lamps with metal iodide and sodium vapour lamps. This choice meant that the number of lighting fixtures was reduced by75%, and the corresponding installed power was reduced by 60%, giving way to the first great savings. Afterwards, with the installation of the Intelux system, the overall energy savings were increased by up to 72% and savings on maintenance costs reached up to 68%.


The combination of energy saving and savings related to reduced maintenance costs linked brought the overall investment return time (for this plant) to under three years, as shown by data given below: