Success Stories
Hawker De Havilland, Melbourne (Australia)

Intelligent lighting control with Intelux controllers


The Hawker De Havilland plant in Melbourne was chosen by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria as the pilot plant for installation of intelligent lighting control. The intention was to have a project that made use of all possible energy saving factors and at the same set up a control system, transparent and clear for all consumers. The plant is extended over a wide open space, where about 10% of the covered surface is made up of glass, which obviously harvests a considerable amount of daylight.


First of all the project saw to replacing the mercury vapour lamp with metal halide lamps, without altering the power (400 W) but reducing the number from 1570 to 460. The corresponding installed power dropped from 683 to 200 kW. 93 Intelux source controllers (5,8 kVA 25 A) controllers were installed. The controller series is governed by a CCU placed in the centre of the area to be covered. In response to the signal sent by the photocell sensor (a total of 16 were installed), the CCU continuously varies the artificial lighting level emitted. The predefined lighting level (400 lux) is maintained when the area is occupied, to be then lowered to a pre-set minimum when less light is needed e.g. during the lunch break or during the shift turnover.