Success Stories
Pollenzo (CN)

Intelux NG controllers for intelligent management of public lighting


6 july 2004: this is the start up date of the lighting plant equipped with source controllers in Pollenzo (CN), one of the most typical Savoyard residence among the numerous ones existing in Piedmont.
This medieval village can boast a rare supremacy: recently it has been substantially redeveloped and it has been declared Humanity Estate under UNESCO protection for its considerable historical-artistic value.
The small town is part of an historical residence circuit representing a civilization and culture resource.
Specially the main quadrangular square dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele 2nd constitutes a very remarkable architectonic complex, on it faces the gothic Church of St. Vittorio Martire, the neo-medieval Tower, named "Torre dei Carabinieri" (Carabineers' Tower) and the Castle.

Particularly for the square, and some streets leading to it, the Municipality has asked for an important lighting proportioned to the place and respectful to the atmosphere and the needs of citizens of Pollenzo.
Even in this case source controllers enabled to find a right equilibrium between the need to clear show all architectonical particulars of the buildings to turist and to preserve the residents and the village from the harmful effects of a superabundant and dazzling lighting.


The choice has been addressed to Intelux NG, the best solution owing to its versatility characteristics, easiness of installation and minimum dimensions.
Altogether they have been utilized 12 controllers, 3 per each one of the three three-phase lines.
There are different types of dimmed lamps: from 70W metal halide (for projectors concerning the front of the Church and the bell-tower and the street of the square approach), to 70W SAP, and 25W halogen ones for the central fountain lighting.
The panel is controlled by a photocell to switch on and off, and by a 2 contact clock expressly set to activate the dimming level control during predetermined times.


The experience of Pollenzo village confirms once again how versatile is the source controller in meeting users' needs: the will to reduce consumptions and obtain a considerable energy saving; to restrict lighting pollution; to increase lamps life by stabilization; to keep constant lighting uniformity and quality lighting. But the decision to install a power controller may also be the ideal solution when there's the need to assure a perfect visibility of a work of art, turning to better all particulars and preserving the emotional value of the place.
Once again Intelux NG, has shown its capacity in dimming metallic halide lamps of 50%, of being the right answer to the increasing use of white sources, paying a constant attention to the right flux emitted, both as it concerns planning and architectonic choices, reducing consumption needs and environment protection, starry sky included.