Success Stories
Light can also heat up! (Italy)

Unique application of Intelux SC luminous flux controllers


Lamps that emit infrared have now been on the market for some years and whose main use is in radiant heating. This type of heating has the peculiarity of essentially heating the parts affected by the light and of being immediately effective from the moment of activation and also does not induce any movement of air or dust, does not generate noise and, not a marginal aspect, does not pollute directly, energy production at power plants.

Heating with infrared radiation takes place by means of special halogen lamps with tungsten filament. The quartz bulb is covered with a filter, chemically deposited, which absorbs ultraviolet radiation, and increases infrared emission.

A grocery supermarket equipped with refrigerated counters and shelves, has taken into consideration the aforementioned type of heating, also to avoid heating areas where cold is needed. In particular, the impact of a lower ambient temperature for refrigeration systems was considered very positively.

The positive effects of customer radiation heating are not only reduced to energy savings due to the lower consumption of the refrigerated counters, but also to a lower perishability of the goods.


On the basis of the tests and the results, the project for the installation of the radiant elements was drawn up by adopting a manual and automatic system insertion command with:

  • total on and off with time switch
  • room temperature monitoring, such as to activate portions of the system according to the detected temperature (15-18 ° C)
  • monitoring of the presence of people in the product display aisles, such as to bring the system to the ideal value only in the presence of people
  • power reduction to minimum values, when there are no people in the product display aisles, avoiding switching off to reduce ignition shocks.

The total installed power of the plant is 174 kW.
The maximum irradiation power of the system was set via the regulators to 99 kW.
The minimum irradiation power has been set at 49 Kw.

The plant is managed automatically with the following precautions:

  • an occupancy detector activates and deactivates the system which is calibrated at the minimum and maximum levels: if there are people in the aisle, the regulators bring the radiated power to the maximum value, which is 57% of the installed power, while in case of absence of customers, the plant goes to the minimum absorption value equal to 28% of the installed power;
  • an intermediate irradiation value is enabled when the ambient temperature is below 18 ° -19 °. This level represents the maximum value that the presence detector enables with the presence of people in the aisle.