Success Stories
Spectacular lighting of the Cathedral of Monza (VT)

Monumental scenic lighting - single light control

Built between the fourteenth and the seventeenth century and dedicated to St. John the Baptist, the cathedral dominates Monza with its marble facade and bell tower near the historic center of the city.

Now the Cathedral is equipped by a 'new light' through the spectacular lighting scenario designed by "Consuline" and "Albertin & Company" engineers, which highlight the architectural value.

The facade of the Duomo was made protagonist , thanks to a series of lighting scenario that made the Duomo the main actor. We wanted to recreate the charming atmosphere of an ancient village, very different from the chaos that often characterizes modern cities.

The lighting of the Cathedral was obtained by a complex system composed of two groups of 15 and 18 lamps each, equipped with special accessories such as lenses and shaped glasses, in various shades of white and colored light that made possible many different and suggestive color effects.

The special lighting effects are achieved through the separate management of each lighting fixtures through the D/LPC modules of Revetec Opera range.
The result is a stage effect consisting of a combination of lights off, lights on and lights dimmed as required.

The different scenario are controlled by the LPM modules, contained in two separate panels made by Revetec. The control is generate by the LPM module that every hour, and in random mode , chooses between eight differents available settings, which ends at midnight each night.

In addition, for the nights of Christmas, New Year, Easter and the St. John the Baptist day, there are special scenario other than those presented during the rest of the year.