Success Stories
Municipality of Cesano Boscone (MI)

FAI adaptive lighting for individual light point

In Cesano Boscone, an Italian municipality of 23,394 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Milan, an innovative project based on adaptive lighting according to UNI 11248 was carried out in 2017.

This project became a reality in the year 2019, thanks to the installation of Revetec devices: five LTM sensors are installed in the streets indicated in the project and control the luminaires equipped with point-to-point remote control system according to FAI adaptive lighting.

Each luminaire was equipped with an LPL node for point-to-point remote control and each switchboard with DIMmy, LPM and GSM modem. In addition to the adaptive lighting, presence sensors connected to LPB devices have been installed in the vicinity of the bike lanes, allowing the luminaires' luminous flux to be triggered by the presence of a cyclist/pedestrian.

The system is managed using Maestro and Maestro web software.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N° 44 remote control kits composed of DIMmy + MID + LPM + GSM modem
  • Profile N° 2100 LPL nodes
  • Profile N° 5 LTM sensors
  • Profile N° 15 LPBs with presence sensors
  • Profile N° 1 Maestro PRO + Maestro Web software