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Vigliano Biellese (BI)

Vigliano Biellese - Radio frequency light control system and FAI adaptive lighting

Vigliano Biellese is a municipality in the Province of Biella in the Italian region Piemonte, located about northeast of Turin.

During 2019 the municipality of Vigliano Biellese saw the redevelopment of public lighting with LED luminaires and point-to-point remote control in radio frequency on 1,430 light points. Each luminaire has been equipped with a LPR node (Nema or IP00) allowing excellent propagation of the radio signal.

Then 4 LTM sensors were installed for adaptive lighting of the FAI type, allowing you to always have maximum energy savings while still ensuring excellent safety on the road.

Seven LPM gateways are installed that allow remote management by radio frequency of Vigliano light points. The ignition of the systems is also managed remotely thanks to the DIMmy modules with integrated astronomical clock that, in addition to defining on and off, allow complete remote management at the switchboard level.

The data, then, are available on the Maestro web that allows both the manager and the municipality to view the status of the systems in real time from any device connected on the internet.
The entire fleet of light points was also surveyed thanks to the Revetec Hyperdroid app that allowed not only to highlight the light points but also the synchronization of all personal data with Maestro software.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile n° 35 TLC kit with DIMmy, differential current measurement, Meter MID, 3G Router
  • Profile n° 7 LPM Gateway
  • Profile n° 4 LTM sensors for adaptive lighting FAI
  • Profile n° 1260 LPR Nema nodes
  • Profile n° 170 LPR IP00
  • Profile APP Hyperdroid for data-entry
  • Profile Maestro and Maestro web