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Fidenza (Parma) (PR)

Radiofrequency lighting points and smart city

Fidenza is a municipality in the Province of Parma in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, located about northeast of Rome and about northwest of Parma.

During the 2019 the municipality of Parma saw the redevelopment of public lighting with LED luminaires and point-to-point remote control on more than 900 light points. In addition to this, there are also a number of value-added services with a view to Smart City such as: the Smart Parking system, information panels, Wi-Fi Hot Spots and video surveillance cameras with OCR system; all integrated into the infrastructure created by public lighting.

Each luminaire has been equipped with an LPR node with different types of antenna in order to preserve the artistic aspect of the historic center, still allowing an excellent propagation of the radio signal.
Eight LPM gateways are installed that allow remote management in radio frequency of Fidenza light points. The ignition of the systems is also managed remotely thanks to the DIMmy modules with integrated astronomical clock that, in addition to defining on and off, allow complete remote management at the switchboard level.
The data, then, is available within Maestro Web that allows both contract manager and the municipality to view the status of the systems in real time from any device connected on the internet.

Recently the artistic lighting of the Cathedral has also been inaugurated, all telemanaged in radio frequency.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile n° 70 TLC kit consisting of DIMmy module, astronomical clock and 3G router
  • Profile n° 8 LPM Gateway
  • Profile n° 915 LPR nodes
  • Profile n° 1 smart Parking system including arrow panel addressing free seats
  • Profile n° 6 Variable message information panels installed at the city gates
  • Profile n° 2 Wifi hot spots
  • Profile n° 1 Weather station
  • Profile n° 12 OCR reading cameras including management software