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Montirone (Brescia) (BS)

Single radio frequency light control: 5 gateways for 1,100 luminaires

Montirone is an Italian municipality of 5,103 inhabitants of the province of Brescia in Lombardy. It is located in the plain south of Brescia, about 12 kilometers from the capital.

During 2018 the municipality saw the redevelopment of public lighting with LED luminaire and point-to-point remote control on more than 1,100 light points.

Each lighting points has been equipped with the LPR node with antenna sticker that, being placed on the internal glass of the device, doesn’t involve any aesthetic changes and allows an excellent propagation of the radio signal.

Five LPM gateways are installed that allow radio frequency telemanagement of Montirone's light points. The data is available on the Maestro Web that allows both the operator and the municipality to view the status of the systems in real time from any device connected to the internet.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N°1.100 nodes LPR04 with antenna sticker
  • Profile N°5 gateway LPM
  • Profile N°1 Maestro web