Success Stories
La Valletta (Malta)

Single lighting point powerline remote management

Valletta, the fortress city, is the capital of Malta that represents the commercial and administrative heart of the islands.

During 2018 the project to redevelop the public lighting of the metropolitan area of the Maltese capital was carried out, which, in addition to the installation of LED luminaires, saw the implementation of remote control on all switchboards and on every single light point.
The DIM module, LPM gateway and 3G router were installed in the switchboard which allow the remote management of the switchboard and point-to-point system by power line carrier.
Each luminaire has been equipped with the LPL node.
The Maestro Web software is installed at the Enemalta operator, which monitors all systems via simple web interface.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N° 146 Kit composed by LPM gateway, DIM module and 3G router
  • Profile N° 3100 LPL nodes
  • Profile N° 1 Maestro PRO + Maestro Web software