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Patrasso (Greece)

Remote control of the single light point in radiofrequency

Patrasso is the third city in Greece after Athens and Thessaloniki, located on the outskirts of western Greece and overlooking the gulf of the same name, has about 210,000 inhabitants.

During 2019 there was a redevelopment of the public lighting of the historic center of the city: nr. 240 light points of the Hellenic town were equipped with the point-to-point remote control from Revetec.

The LPR IP66 node has been installed on each luminaire, allowing it to be remotely control by point-to-point in radio frequency. Near the control panel is the LPM gateway, which controls the 240 nodes and allows for a future of up to more than 400 nodes/gateways.

The Maestro WEB software is installed in the control center of the municipality of Patrasso which, thanks to the REST web services, allows integration with other software platforms.

The entry of data in Maestro WEB was automatically made through the use of the APP Hyperdroid for census: that in addition to the entry of all the master data, allows the detection of geographical coordinates via the GPS of the mobile device.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N° 1 Remote control Kit composed of: DIM, LPM, LPM/R, Router 3G
  • Profile N° 240 LPR IP66 nodes for point-to-point remote control in radiofrequency
  • Profile N° 1 Maestro web whit enabling of Web services REST
  • Profile N° 1 Census APP