Success Stories
Municipality of Piacenza (PC)

LED luminaires retrofit and remote management of the single light point

The municipality of Piacenza and its 100,000 inhabitants have assisted in the last 2 years (from 2017 to 2019) the redevelopment of public lighting: all the light points have been equipped with LED luminaires and redeveloped the switchboard.

Telemanagement is one of the key elements of this project, as 4000 lighting point are equipped with point-to-point remote-control and 107 switchboards are equipped with telemanagement modules.
The system is managed via the MaestroWeb, which allows viewing and interaction with equipment directly from internet browsers.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile nr. 107 Telemanagement KIT composed of DIMmy-LPM-Router 3G
  • Profile nr. 4.000 LPL Nodes for point to point remote-control of luminaires
  • Profile nr. 1 MaestroWeb software