Success Stories
Municipality of Carpenedolo (BS)

FAI adaptive lighting and single point control in radio frequency with Nema nodes

Carpenedolo, an Italian municipality of 13.000 inhabitants of the province of Brescia in Lombardy, during 2018 and 2019 was the subject of the redevelopment of public lighting with LED luminaires.

Thirty are the switchboard equipped with remote control and eight hundred Nema nodes installed on the lighting points for point-to-point remote control in radio frequency.

The project saw the activation of 5 LTM sensors for adaptive lighting, FAI type, which, by measuring traffic, luminance and considering environment  weather conditions, make the adjustment in real-time, on the telemanaged light points.
This solution, in addition to making roads safer for citizens, achieves an additional 50% energy savings.

A further saving for citizens is the adoption of the Revetec Smart Parking system on the 46 car spaces of Matteotti square and Chiesa square. The image processing through computer vision allows to know in real time the state of occupation and the duration of the car spaces, the information is available on web dashboard, mobile APP and variable message panels.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N° 30 Kit for switchboard remote control
  • Profile N° 5 LTM Sensors
  • Profile N° 800 LPR NEMA Nodes
  • Profile N° 1 Software Maestro Web
  • Profile N° 2 Computer vision smart parking system with n°46 car spaces