Success Stories
City of Cremona (CR)

Radiofrequency control system for the single light point with provisioning for the Smart City

Cremona, a city in Lombardia of about 80,000 inhabitants located on the banks of the Po River, has been the subject between 2017 and 2018, of the relamping of public lighting with LED devices equipped with point-to-point remote control in radio frequency.

The intervention covered the totality of the light points present in the city of Cremona: 13,000 LPR nodes and 40 LPM Gateways allow the remote control of every single lighting point. Thanks to these devices, a narrowband radio network has been created that, in addition to collecting public lighting data, can integrate Smart City devices such as environmental sensors, traffic sensors, information panels, etc.

The Maestro Web software allows the plant operator, the municipality of Cremona and the maintainer to check, from any device connected on the internet (smartphones, tablets and laptops), the condition of the lighting network and analysis of a single light point.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N° 13,000 lighting points equipped with LPR nodes in radio frequency
  • Profile N° 40 LPM Gateways
  • Profile N° 100 Switchboard remote control kit with DIMmy modules and 3G routers
  • Profile Software MaestroWeb 2.0