Success Stories
Amposta (Spain)

Singol lighting point management system with NEMA in radiofrequency

In the extreme south of the Costa Daurada (Spain), along with the mouth of the river Ebro, is located Amposta, a municipality of 18,841 inhabitants, strongly linked to the traditions and the territory. Its nearby to the Natural Park of the Ebro Delta makes it one of the favorite destinations for nature lovers.

The municipality of Amposta, since early 2018, chose to re-qualify the luminaires of the entire city, replacing them with LED lamps equipped with a point-to-point Revetec remote control.
The first lot of this project came true in December 2018, when the point-to-point remote control was activated on 200 NEMA nodes in radio frequency and the Maestro was installed along with the Maestro Web software on the municipalities of Amposta’s server.

The LPM Gateway and DIMmy-IOM modules are installed inside the city hall, where they allow the remote management of the light points and the ON/OFF forcing of the nine output lines via Maestro software.

The remaining lots are going to implement Point-to-point radio frequency remote control over the entire city area.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N° 1 Switchboard Kit composed of: DIMmy – LPM - LPM/R – IOM – NETCON
  • Profile N° 200 NEMA 868MHz nodes
  • Profile N° 1 Maestro 2.0 software
  • Profile N° 1 Maestro web 2.0 software