Success Stories
Municipality of Carugate, Milan (MI)


Carugate, a Municipality with 15.500 inhabitants of the metropolitan city of Milan, it was the subject of energy redevelopment of the public lighting.
The final functional testing, in October 2018, saw the city being the first in Italy (probably in the World) to use the Adaptive lighting system throughout the territory. The project, drawn up in June 2017, has provided for the adoption of TAI (Traffic Adaptive Installation) adaptive lighting, according to the standard CEN13201 (UNI 11248).

Three traffic measurement points are chosen for the Adaptive lighting, in detail:

  • SP121 for the streets of category M3
  • Via Battisti, crossing Via Adamello for the streets of category M4
  • Via Adamello, crossing Via Battisti in a southerly direction for the streets of category M5

The Revetec LTM sensors has been installed on these reference streets, which by detecting the traffic (TAI compliant), command the regulation of all Carugate lighting points.

The switchboards have equipped with telemanagement modules of the Revetec Opera Range, each luminaire has equipped with LPL point to point telemanagement module.

It has been possible to regulate each lighting fixture according to the location and the respective lighting classes, thanks to this peculiarity. For example all the lighting points installed on the streets of M3 categories receive the command from the LTM sensor installed on the reference M3 road, those installed on the M4 roads receive the command from the LTM sensor installed on the reference M4 road, the same configuration for the lighting points installed on the M5 roads.

The Adaptive lighting ensures maximum safety for drivers and pedestrians, significantly increasing energy savings compared to statistical regulation.
Maestro Web 2.0 is the used software for the remote management and energy consuption monitoring, which allows real-time data to be displayed to the maintenance company and to the public administration.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N. 20 Switchboards equipped with DIM-RAM-LPM/D-Router 3G modules
  • Profile N. 2018 LPL Bi-power modules installed in HID lighting luminaires
  • Profile N. 443 LPL modules installed in LED lighting luminaires
  • Profile N. 3 LTM sensors for adaptive lighting
  • Profile N. 1 Maestro and Maestro Web 2.0 software