Success Stories
Lonato del Garda, Brescia (BS)

A full realization of Smart City

Lonato del Garda “Smart “. This is the new definition for the municipality of 16,500 citizens overlooking Lake Garda. In fact, within 2017, this municipality was the location of an important project realizing the dream of having a fully Smart, functionaland eco-sustainable Smart town. The town has been completely relif with LED lights and the 620 lighting points of the city center have been equipped with either LPR or LPL devices, which have created a solid infrastructure on public lighting as to power, provide connectivity and physically support smart devices.
Safety of pedestrians and drivers has been increased thanks to the LPB and LTM devices.
Air quality is constantly monitored thanks to smart sensors positioned near the sports hall.
The central parking is also smart: variable message panel and an APP are indicating the free space thanks to the computer vision analysis of the parking areas.
Hot-spot Wi-Fi in strategic locations and variable message panels are ensuring to citizens broadband internet connection and main information displaying to all.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N° 620 nodes
  • Profile N° 2 hotspot wi-fi
  • Profile N° 2 LPB
  • Profile N° 1 LTM
  • Profile N° 1 air quality sensor
  • Profile N° 1 smart parking system
  • Profile N° 2 PMV
  • Profile N° 1 Maestro software
  • Profile N° 1 MaestroWeb software