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Kozani (Greece)

Lighting power controllers and Maestro software in greek language

Kozani is a Greece Municipality located on the outskirts of western Macedonia with about 70,000 inhabitants. Kozani, the most important city, has a population of 38,500 inhabitants and is located in the mountains Vermio, Burino and Pieria at a distance of 470 Km from Athens.

During 2017 the city was the subject of an important project on the public lighting for energy saving, thanks to the installation of No. 25 SEC STPi Revetec power controllers. The electrical panels involved in the intervention, supply a total of 934 lighting fixtures with SAP lamps of various power, from 450W up to 70W for about 210 KW total power consumption. Thanks to use the power controller, an energy saving of about 30% will be guaranteed.

The Maestro 2.0 software, in greek language, allows to perform detailed analyzes on energy consumption and plant data.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N ° 7 SEC STPi power controllers - Size 08
  • Profile N ° 4 SEC STPi power controllers - Size 11
  • Profile N ° 9 SEC STPi power controllers - Size 16
  • Profile N ° 5 SEC STPi power controllers - Size 36