Success Stories
Rome: control panel and lighting point remote management and a APP for data entry (RM)

1.500 control panel and 169.000 lighting points equipped whit Revetec devices

Three years, from 2014 to 2017, a record time to create one of the most impressive projects related to public lighting in history: protagonist has been the eternal city: Rome.The admi

nistration of Roma Capitale and ACEA S.p.A. had the merit of believing in the ambitious project of having the entire metropolis LED lit, remote controlled and eco-sustainable.
More than 1,500 control panels are being remote-controlled through both DIMmy and MEM modules. More than 3,300 LPM gateways are managing the 169,000 LPC nodes installed inside LED luminaires, as to control and monitor every single remote lighting point in Rome.

Within the ACEA control center, both Maestro and Maestro web software are installed, with Web services and the data entry App, as to allow complete remote management: from data collection through remote management up to data analysis.

This is only the first step towards making Rome truly Smart: the Diademe project is developed on the infrastructure created, for the adaptive lighting and smart sensors widespread equipping over 1,000 luminaires within the EUR district.