Success Stories
Town of Sorso (SS)

Individual lighting point remote management through PLC

Sorso's splendid location, overlooking the gulf of Asinara, the famous beaches and fertile lands cultivated with vineyards and olive trees, make the municipality in the province of Sassari, one of the most beautiful in Sardinia and Italy.

From April 2017, its 15,000 inhabitants can also boast an innovative and efficient public lighting service: thanks to 29 control and 1.850 luminaires renewed and equipped with Revetec remote control nodes.
Technicians and municipal executives via the MaestroWeb interface can view all plant data, from switchboard to every single lighting point. Intuitive graphics allows users to view all the elements of the plant on an interactive map, allowing users to locate events and analyze data from any internet browser.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile 29 remotely controlled switchboards, consisting of Revetec DIMmy, LPM / D modules and GPRS router
  • Profile 1200 LED luminaires featuring LPL nodes (Wired Communication)
  • Profile 650 SHP luminaires featuring with LPC Modules (Wired Communication)
  • Profile 1 Maestro PRO software with MaestroWeb Interface