Success Stories
Umeå municipality (Sweden)

Power controllers for 3000 lighting point management

Umeå is a main Swedish city, capital of the homonymous municipality (population 121,032) and head of Västerbotten County. In terms of population Umeå  is the twelfth biggest city in Sweden. Intersected by the river Ume, University City: Center for education, medical and technical research in the country, with more than 39,000 students.

"City of Birches": this is the nickname of Umeå, as the wide boulevards are lined with birch trees.

Since a few years, around these birches, it is common to find electrical panels with power controllers Reverberi SEC STB range.
The installations began in 2014 and is ongoing within the entire municipality, allowing a considerable energy saving.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N° 21, SEC STB power controllers by Reverberi SEC 95 STB SEB 26 and 36 SEC STB
  • Profile N° 3000 lighting points under voltage controllers
  • Profile Energy savings achieved 30%
  • Profile Total investment: about € 300,000
  • Profile Payback: 3 and half years