Success Stories
Verona Villafranca – Energy improvement and tele management for 3.500 lighting points (VR)

Energy improvement with LED and single lighting point remote management

In Villafranca municipality, near Verona, a major redevelopment plan has been put in place through replacement of old fixtures with brand new roadway lighting, floodlights and artistic lanterns, featuring latest generation LED technology.

Requalification involved around 3,500 lighting points out of a total of about 5,800. All new lighting points have been equipped with LPC individual remote management point-to-point modules from Opera range by Revetec, communicating via power line carrier towards gateways (LPM) located inside control panels.

The installation concerned also the modernization of no. 62 switchboards, also equipped with remote management modules Opera range. DIMmy modules installed in the control panels allow end user to read energy consumption, alarms of intervention and exceeded threshold for voltage, current, power and cosphi. Plants switching on and off is operated through astronomical clock, programmable remotely via Maestro software, integrated within the DIMmy module.

Work has been funded in part by the city and partly through regional contribution. Total amount of work is 3 million euros. The town of Villafranca reached an energy saving target of 73% (related to annual consumption in kWh).
Maestro software has been installed at the town hall of Villafranca, with full control of plants. Installation, commissioning and configuration have been performed by "Tre Erre Impianti srl", in Villafranca.