Success Stories
Rimini municipality (RN)

Upgrading of equipment of public lighting and remote management of individual light points

Rimini as well as being one of the most popular vacation and tourist destination in Italy and Europe for a while, is also becoming one of the cities in Italy with the best lighting: from 2014, in fact its citizens and tourists are experiencing a redevelopment and modernization of public lighting that involves the entire city and the surrounding areas.

The ongoing project is involving 450 switchboards and 28,500 lighting points.

On approximately 400 switchboards implementation of remote control is running, excluding just switchboards feeding less than 10 lighting points. About 28,500 luminaires are being upgraded, through replacement of lighting fixtures with different types and lower powers and the implementation of point-point remote control.

Remote management of both switchboards and lighting points is being achieved through installation of the Opera range from Revetec. DIM RAM, LPM modules are being installed within switchboards as well as 3G Routers. Luminaires are equipped with LPC remote management module and EB electronic ballast. The final piece enabling remote management of all Rimini installations, is Maestro software along with MaestroWeb of Revetec.
Programs are installed on servers owned by public utility managing company while communication with the switchboards in the field occurs through 3G connection: the communication device features a SIM card with a static and unique assigned IP address.

From their own PCs, tablet or smartphone, municipal technical staff and professional users may check status of the installations, monitor energy consumption, verify any anomalies on switchboards, know the status of each single lighting point and perform tasks such as: setup astronomical clock settings, perform optimization of luminous flux dimming profiles for each single light point, etc. For example, at special events such as: concerts, events, pink night, etc. the authorized technician may decide autonomously to switch-off or dim the luminous flux differently for every single lighting fixture for a defined time-slot or for a single night.

Over all the lighting plants a comprehensive census survey has been performed: through the software, it is possible to find all the information on switchboards, lighting points and lamps (location, power, supply codes, pictures, etc.).
Census survey enclosed also geo-referencing of all elements of the installation: thanks to latitude and longitude coordinates, user can then display directly each single element on MaestroWeb interactive map.
Items in the map, by color and through simple dashboard, are providing, in real time, status of operation/failure of switchboards or lamps, as well as to check the census database, energy consumption and, eventually, modify settings.