Success Stories
Adaptive lighting for Galatina (Lecce) (LE)

Intelligent lighting based on street luminance, traffic and weather

Savings, safety and innovation! This is the motto which characterizes the Galatina (Lecce) Project carried out by Revetec. In this town within the Salento area, the public lighting system has been redesigned, in particular the access route to the countryside and industrial area.

Savings: achieved with LED lighting fixtures equipped with Revetec LPC devices allowing for the on/off and DIM control of each single lighting point via power line carrier commands received by LPM module integrated within the control panel. In addition to LPM within the control panel, DIM, RAM modules and GSM modems have been integrated, allowing the end user to monitor data, generate alarms and achieve full remote control from the control center at the ASI (municipalities) consortium of Lecce. 

Time scenarios have been activated for dimming together with the setting up of several groupings of lamps, for example those luminaires in the vicinity of pedestrian crossings will have a particular dimming setting.

Savings, safety and innovation: a LTM sensor from Reverberi Enetec has been installed on the town’s access road, close to the control panel: this device allowing the measurement of road luminance, traffic volume and weather conditions in real time. Through the processing of this data, the system sends dimming commands to the LED luminaires in real-time and according to the required road lighting standard and lighting class.

In addition to savings and correct lighting levels, security has been considerably improved as dimming depends on the prevailing weather conditions and real-time traffic volume. Security cameras have also been installed on the system: 22 nos. latest generation high-speed domes, which monitor much of the industrial area and send images to the control center.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile 9 nos. control panels equipped with DIM-RAM-LPM modules and GSM modem
  • Profile 590 nos. 99W LED luminaires equipped with LPC module
  • Profile 1 no. LTM Sensor
  • Profile 22 nos. high-speed dome cameras