Success Stories
Montecchio Emilia municipality (Reggio Emilia) (RE)

Smart city and point to point radiofrequency remote management

In 2013, municipality of Montecchio Emilia, a town within Emilia Romagna region, undertook a renovation project for public lighting systems, following smart cities vision, and adopting an advanced remote management system.

Tender has been published in 2014 and foresaw a ‘de facto’ detected consumption of 303.773 kW for 1.6 million KWh, and a minimum target of 152 kW to reach, with  792,695 kWh  consumption. Awarded winning project has outlined a commitment to 140.98 kW and consumption of 629,000 kWh, saving 1 million kWh.
Executive project has predicted, against several critical situations, an increase of almost 150 lighting points, compared to the foreseen 2500, where estimated consumption rose to about 720,000 kWh. 
A problem was depending from the fact that some works were powered by mixed lines shared with another energy and maintenance managing company, and it was essential to adopt a technology taking into account this limitation.

The solution was found by adopting remote radio frequency point-to-point control system of Revetec, composed by both LPR modules as nodes installed on lighting fixtures and LPM module as gateway installed within  control panels.
Revetec has been adopting an open RF system that has been studied and developed by its R&D team, optimized to the needs of public lighting.

Montecchio project also included installation of 4 cameras and 9 hotspot access points as to spread WI-FI signal throughout Montecchio historical center.
Adoption of point-to-point Revetec devices has been avoiding implementation of dedicated cables for powering these devices, while using same public lighting power cables. 

Revetec system allows to keep lines powered h24 for Smart City devices while  turning off lighting during the day.

In addition to all remote control advantages, thanks to lighting equipment power on and off managed cycle and more precise dimming control at night, final consumption dropped to 556,767 kWh, then 150,000 kWh beyond what required by the tender and 10% less than provided in the initial offer.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile 2075 lighting fixtures replaced with new products;
  • Profile 387 units retrofit
  • Profile 10 Poles replaced
  • Profile 1300 Revetec LPR and RM modules (Radio frequency technology) integrated
  • Profile 11 LPM Gateway installed
  • Profile Remote monitoring and management of 40 switchboards via remote control system through Opera tele management system by Revetec (DIMMy modules), connected with GPRS to the control panel
  • Profile Master software control center and Maestroweb