Success Stories
Siracusa-Gela A18 Highway (Italy)

Standalone PV lighting with UNICO for Siracusa-Gela A18 Highway

A18 is an highway in eastern Sicily divided into two sections: first section between Messina and Catania, and second between Syracuse and Gela.
In September 2015 a new junction has been inaugurated between Syracuse and Gela: lighting of acceleration and deceleration lanes is entrusted to Revetec UNICO 2.0 series photovoltaic lighting points.

Near the highway’s tollbooth 10 units of UNICO 2.0 have been installed equipped with LPL-FV GPS.
Following UNICO 2.0 features installed on the junction: 

  • 150Wp module with CIGS technology
  • 2 AGM 100 Ah batteries
  • 24W LED lighting fixture
  • LPL-FV Revetec module with GPS

Thanks to GPS module, the astronomical clock inside every UNICO 2.0 is synchronized individually and together with the clock savings and syncing of switching-on is improved.
LPL-FV module has been programmed into stand-alone version with time scenarios.