Success Stories
Moscow City (Russia (Russian Federation))

Revetec power controllers and Maestro remote management in the russian capital

Walking around the Kremlin, near Red Square or Cathedral of St. Basil, it won't be hard to find a public lighting system powered by a Revetec power controller.
In the Russian capital 142 both STP and STPi series power controllers are operating: installations began in 2008 and are in continuous development.
Sizes’ range starts from 36kW to 140kW: breadth of the range ensures the benefits of Reverberi equipment’s installation from a small plant up to a large installation.

As to comply with Moscow low temperatures, equipment is built to be able to stand up to -30° C and beyond.
Reverberi devices are also managing lighting fixtures inside Moscow tunnels: power controllers are integrating SDLx modules connected to luminance sensors located at tunnels’ entrances. Sensor is designed to be able to withstand harsh temperatures: down to -40° C and beyond.

Over all power controllers GPRS/3G communication is enabled for remote management: this technology allows timely report of alarms, quick data download and efficient programming of modules (dimming cycles, operating voltages, etc.).

Maestro remote management software, is installed on a server at the city of Moscow headquarters, handled by the Muscovite Maintenance and Installation Company.

From both data downloaded and consumption analysis, use of Reverberi power controllers, along with voltage stabilization benefits and feedback alarms, a global energy savings of more than 20% is constantly being granted.