Success Stories
Ailano municipality (Caserta) (CE)

Power controllers and remote management of single lighting point with power line carrier

Ailano, village of about 1400 inhabitants within Caserta area, has been the scene of a major public lighting redesign. Energetic requalifying intervention was completed in June 2013 by testing phase. 

The project involved public lighting of the entire municipal area, structured on 13 electrical panels and 555 luminaires. The whole control panels have been equipped with STPI model voltage regulators by Revetec integrating DIM module with astronomical clock, LPM module and GSM modem. Within the luminaires Revetec Opera range’s LPC modules have been installed.

By this system it is now possible to turn on and off the lighting system by the astronomical clock, adjust the luminous output, receive alarms from both electrical panel and luminaire while it is possible to turn on and off each single lighting point.

Maestro software has been installed at Ailano’s town headquarters allowing the municipal engineering department to monitor energy consumption of the lighting plant, receive alerts, modify time scenarios and percentage of dimming of each luminaire for maximum level of energy management and saving.