Success Stories
Carmiano municipality (LE)


Town of Carmiano, in the Salento area, recently issued a tender for the modernization of public lighting systems by means of "project financing" procedure.

This project involved replacement of 2,194 lighting fixtures with more efficient LED luminaires, in detail:
- 40 LED luminaires 84W
- 2,048 LED luminaires 71W
- 98 LED luminaires 48W
- 8 LED luminaires 32W

All luminaires have been equipped with remote management LPL module onboard, by Revetec.
Inside the corresponding 19 electrical power panels the so-called Gateway, or devices DIM, LPM, RAM have been installed and put into communication one side with the control center via GSM modem and other side via powerline carrier with LPL modules.

Lighting plant power-on is achieved through the astronomical clock integrated inside DIM modules, and dimming of luminaires is set through time scenarios programmed through LPM modules.

Maestro Professional software has been installed in the control center server owned by the local service company. Electrical consumption of all systems and alarms are managed through the periodical and programmed data download. Thanks to the continuous polling function a real time reporting is immediately available, in case of failure of a luminaire. 

Local maps have been integrated directly into the software and, in case of malfunctions of either the electrical power panel or the luminaire a clear display through an alarm activation icon is available directly on the map. Besides all of these functionalities, both SMS and email alerts are automatically sent to the entertainers’ team managers in case of alarm activation.

With remote control both time-slots and corresponding percentage of dimming of each luminaires output can be easily modified from the office desktop.