Success Stories
Remote management for lighting points in the street road network of Malta island (Malta)

LED luminaire control and remote management

A major renovation on street lighting for the Maltese road network has been completed in August 2015. “Street Malta” project involved the replacement of old lighting fixtures with energy efficient LED luminaires: main roads, in the neighborhood of Mdina, have been involved.

478 units of new LED luminaires have been installed, in detail:
- 43 units by the power of 60W
- 281 units by the power of 75W
- 154 units by the power of 120W

All luminaires have been equipped with LPL modules by Revetec. The project involved 11 power panels, integrating y DIM, RAM & LPM communication gateways for data acquisition, alarm and power line carrier communication towards each single luminaire in the field. Communication with Malta Transport control center has been ensured through GSM modems.

LPM modules have been programmed using pre-set time scenarios to manage nighttime dimming as follows:
-    From lighting plant power-on up to 21h00 : 100% of light output
-    From 21:00 to 23:00, 75% of light output 
-    From 23:00 until lighting plant shutdown, 50% of light output 

Elevated location of some power pillars makes it difficult to access and configure them: thanks to the remote control it is now possible to modify all parameters remotely, both settings of control panel’s modules and LPL modules onboard each luminaire.

These new installations have been integrated inside existing Maestro software at Malta Transport, already handling different lighting plants managed by Revetec devices.