Success Stories
Project "Sunshine" Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) (VI)

Pilot project for the optimization of public lighting

Why waste energy and over-illuminate areas that don't require it?
Why not listen to the opinion and evaluation of the population on the level of illumination actually perceived?
Why use public lighting at times and areas already illuminated by other external sources (such as shop windows)?

These are some of the questions that the Sunshine project will try to answer at the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa (VI).

Three pilot plants are installed in the city, equipped with Revetec equipment from the Opera range, capable of remotely controlling the single light point, via power line or radio waves.
Thanks to this technology it is possible to set different dimming times or different on / off times for each single light point.
The system of a parking lot and a residential area, composed respectively of 18 and 40 light points remotely controlled via power line with LPL modules, are set to timed scenes that perform dimming on the light points.

On the system located in the historic center with 11 light points, remotely controlled via radio waves with LPC / R modules, different logical groups are set in order to set different dimming, switching on / off for individual groups or for a single light point.
It will be precisely on this system that surveys and interviews with citizens will be carried out by acting in real time on the dimming of the single light point, perceiving the level of satisfaction and satisfaction of the light intensity, which will take place through the use of tablets or smartphones that through the remote control will act in real time on the plant.

Among the objectives of the project, for example, there is the intention to avoid high dimming of the light points installed in front of shop windows until they are illuminated. An important energy saving would therefore be obtained without decreasing street lighting and citizen satisfaction.

Consumption and remote control are monitored thanks to the installation of DIM modules, LPMs and GPRS routers on the control panels. The data is downloaded and analyzed using the Maestro software installed on the Sunshine server.