Success Stories
City of San Severo (Foggia) (FG)

Integrated Management of Public Lighting, Centralized Power Controllers and Remote Management


A city rich in works of art and history, San Severo, in the province of Foggia, counting more than 50,000 inhabitants. 
In the early years of the new century, the Public Administration has launched a major urban regeneration project touching upon themes essential to the life of the city: reconstruction of the pavement; strengthening of the professions; restructuring of markets and public places; supply of technologies for sustainable mobility; improvement of the urban night environment, through upgrading of public lighting. 


With regard to the upgrading of public lighting, the company that won the contract management has made some important interventions: 

  • 61 Centralized Power Controllers Revetec were installed completed of remote management system and integrated astronomical twilight. 
  • Over 1,000 obsolete lighting fixtures have been replaced with others in accordance with the regulations concerning light pollution and approximately 5,000 armors have been revamped. 
  • About 7,000 high pressure sodium lamps high luminous efficiency were installed, replacing both the mercury vapor and those high pressure sodium vapor. 
  • Remediation work related to parts of installations mostly affected were carried out. 
  • A system of management and archiving of operations has been set. The workings of the maintenance team are recorded daily on intervention reports and later incorporated in the computerized management. 
  • Software Maestro, Opera range of Revetec, for remote control has been installed, which allows the remote management as well as event logging and electrical parameters of the installations. 


The company that operates the installation, in technical agreement with the Works Management Office and the RUP of the Municipality of San Severo, have gradually improved the energy efficiency project, bringing the total capacity of the installation from 1.128 MW to 0.93 MW, the number of installations from 72 to 63, the energy consumption from 6 million kWh to about 3.15 million kWh. 

The advantages from the point of view of management and of the functionality of the systems are obvious: 

  • simultaneous switching of about 7,000 lighting points controlled by centralized astronomical twilight and remotely controlled with a single command for all systems. 
  • full knowledge of the state of operation of the installation with rapid detection of anomalies and consequent rapid intervention of maintenance staff; 
  • precise adjustment of the supply voltage of the installations with removal of excesses and defects of voltage resulting from the electricity supplier 
  • registration of all electrical parameters of the systems with the creation of analytic data base for the study and research of anomalies and potential optimizations; 
  • planned replacement of the lamps according to the life cycle of the same, which allows to keep level of lighting performance almost constant and to reduce the number of interventions to change the lamps 

Even in terms of energy saving and of harmful emission lighting control, the benefits are significant: 

  • substantial reduction in the installed and absorbed powers; 
  • strong reduction of light pollution 
  • significant reduction of consumptions thanks to the adoption of power controllers