Success Stories
Remote control system in Venice and Mestre (VE)

Power Controllers and Remote Control Management Kit

An interesting application of the kit remote control for panel, by Revetec Opera range, is the capital of Veneto region. The customer has activated about 180 Remote Control Kit, distributed between Mestre (156 installations in service) and Venice (25 installations in course of activation). 

The remote controls are part of a larger project, which also sees the use of about 110 power controllers Reverberi range, distributed almost entirely in the town of Mestre (only two are located in Piazzale Roma in Venice). Their functions, from the point of view of the remote control, are identical to those of remote control kits. 

All devices have the integrated astronomical clock remotely settable and are able to send alarms to the control center, located on the premises of the managing company in Marghera, such as: 

  • Installation on during the day / off at night  
  • Main switch tripping
  • No mains voltage 
  • Output CB tripping 
  • Voltage, current, power off threshold 

The Maestro software performs a periodic download from the devices to historicize electrical measurements and values of the incremental energy counters , help to analyze the proper functioning of the systems. 

The communication with the software of the control center is via GSM data connection, which allows the customer to turn on and off the installations remotely using SMS messages sent directly to the equipment, as well as the software present in the control center. 

Besides in Piazza San Marco a remote control system has been extended  to single lighting point for illumination of the monumental Basilica di San Marco (HPS lamps from 250 to 600W) and the square (LED lamps of 85W). From the control center located in Marghera, it is possible to define the various scenarios useful to combine, in one of the most famous squares in the world, wonder and economy in the management of resources (see application form).