Success Stories
Remote control in Pomezia (Rome) (RM)

Public lighting systems managed by Remote Control Kit and Astronomical Clock

In Pomezia (Rome province) the solution has been applied to 179 remote control panels for lighting, distributed between the city center and the surroundings of the Torvaianica area, on the coast-side. The switching on of the installation is controlled by the twilight astronomical clock in the integrated remote management system and its parameters can be changed by remote. 

Each control panel, via 3G data connection, can send to software installed on the servers of the company that manages the systems the followings alarms: 

  • Installation on during the day / off at night 
  • Main CB tripped 
  • No mains voltage 
  • Output CB tripped 
  • Voltage, current, power off threshold 

The download software Maestro2 also performs a periodic download from the devices to historicize electrical measurements and values of the incremental energy counters, which helps to analyze the proper functioning of the systems. 
The remote control system has been supplemented by a service notification alarms in real time to the call center of the company that manages the installation, through the opening of AdS (Notice of Service) on SAP. The company in charge of maintenance shall coordinate its teams on the basis of the open AdS  and executes the closure directly on SAP. 

The intervention of the maintenance team also leads to a different classification of alarms generated due to the intervention, which come to the Maestro software as "alarms maintenance" and are therefore not forwarded to call center. 

The status of the installation in real time and all analyzes are available to the operators (call-center, maintenance, company manager) through web interface (MaestroWeb), with different permissions depending on roles and responsibilities.