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City of Bagnacavallo, Ravenna (RA)

Choice of power controllers type SEC STPi in the operation of rehabilitation of street lighting

The City of Bagnacavallo, in the province of Ravenna (Italy), is a town of approximately 17,000 inhabitants. Bagnacavallo has a well preserved historical center with the typical radial system dating back to the Middle Ages, with numerous palaces mostly seventeenth and eighteenth century, belonged to noble families. 

The municipal administration has put out to tender a significant intervention in both the elimination of mercury lamps, in view of the deadline of 2016, as a strong reduction of energy consumption, focusing, unlike many other cases, on the public tender for reliance jobs. The redevelopment project involved 2,999 lighting points, while the replacement from Mercury lamps to High Pressure Sodium ones involved only 600 of these. 702 lighting fixtures have been replaced and 24 power controllers SEC STPi Reverberi range installed. 

The choice of centralized dimming solution has been determined by very practical reasons: the standard UNI 11248, in fact, allows the reduction of the luminous flux - and therefore energy savings - in the low traffic hours. These, however, are variable throughout the year, and, in general,  the reduction in traffic may occur earlier in the winter, while it is advisable to push further into the summer night, even when it is to be avoided until late at night or in the case of the patronal feasts of significant holidays. This is not a marginal aspect: UNI 11431 standard on power controllers rewards with highest rating the presence of a clock calendar, while assigns the minimum rating to devices known as "stand alone" who are able to locate fairly precisely midnight, but are not able to discriminate the day of the year. 

In reference to the standard UNI 11431, the power controller STPi is at the top: maximum efficiency over 98%, constancy of performance when the load changes, stabilization of the voltage at 1%, luminous flux reduction over 50%, availability of a clock calendar. It may therefore bear the marking CLASS PERFORMANCE (UNI 11431) R1-L1-A1-Y1-P1 which corresponds to the maximum rating required by the standard and the requirements of the Minimum Environmental Criteria published by the italian Ministry of Environment. 

The Bagnacavallo installations are also provided of remote management software called Maestro2 Opera range. Maestro enables remote management of a wide variety of control technologies: from LED to dimmable electronic ballasts, power controllers up to devices for galleries. A complete software with all the most advanced tools for remote management of facilities.