Success Stories
Urbania (PU)

Redevelopment of public lighting in Urbania with LED luminaires and remote management

In May 2014, a major redevelopment of the public lighting in Urbania, a municipality in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, was completed.

The intervention involved the replacement and adaptation of more than a thousand light points with new generation LED fixtures and discharge lamps equipped with dual-mode power supply.
About 600 of these light points have been equipped with Revetec LPL and LPC modules: through these it is possible to remotely control each individual lighting fixture, perform dimming, acquire measurements and alarms from the individual lamps.

In the historic center of Urbania, most of the artistic LED luminaires are installed, with powers of 28W and 30W. In the peripheral areas, LED street lights of various powers are installed: 49W, 58W, 73W and 87W, and HPS with power of 150W and 250W.

Remote management is possible through the presence of DIM, LPM and GSM modem modules on the 8 panels that power these systems. The Maestro2 software is installed in the Municipality of Urbania and thanks to this the municipal administration is able to monitor the consumption of all systems, receive alarms, change the times and dimming percentages of each individual light point to obtain the maximum energy saving.

The reports of anomalies on the systems and lamps are sent via SMS and email directly to the maintenance technicians, in order to guarantee timely intervention on the systems.