Success Stories
Public Lighting of the town of Prievidza (Slovakia (Slovak Republic))

Lighting controllers and remote control for energy saving

In august 2013 the  renovation of  Public Lighting of the town of Prievidza (Slovakia) was ultimate by AKTE, Czech Republic. The whole project has been financed by EPC (Energy Performance Contracting).

Akte has renewed luminaires 1838 HPS lamps of total 3743 units and installed 33 STPi controllers of Revetec (controlled power 240 kW) with GSM communication and MAESTRO Software.

The controllers were equipped by astronomical clocks which reduced consistently electric consumption. 

Total savings has reached 25-30% on average compared to existing state of public lighting. It is from 2050 MWh/year to 800 MWh/year and consequently lower costs of energy.