Success Stories
AGSM Verona (Italy)

Remote control management using mapping system in Maestro software


AGSM, the famous Verona utility (, since some years is using charts, in order to fully manage their network: gas, electric energy, water, ecc.
AGSM wanted to have in the software chart tool even the public lighting management, in order to have both the remote control of the panels and the full management of maintenance and technicians on duty.


In 2004, the responsible for public lighting, came up with the idea to use MAESTRO software, OPERA range, to control remotely the control panels used for street lighting.
Revetec studied with AGSM a software interface between MAESTRO and charts available.
AGSM exported all data resident on old DOS database and transferred to the new database in the Charts.
In order to avoid to manage and maintain two databases, MAESTRO is using directly SHAPE FILES (.shp), and all objects are therefore interactive, so to have directly from the map all access to the main functions of the program.

Nowadays Verona city has about 320 control panels, fully managed by maps and by MAESTRO.

Remote control system includes: a server, installed by the customer computing center and some client stations. The server uses 6 GSM modems in order to connect to control panels and receive alarms.


AGSM is fully satisfied of the system. All network managed together give the possibility to maintain only one database, therefore saving a lot of manpower costs.