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Public Lighting of the town of Zlin (Czech Republic)

Energy saving with Reverberi range SEC STP controllers and remote control system


Zlin is a lively town of almost 80,000 inhabitants in the Czech Republic, which has placed energy saving among the primary objectives of the municipal administration, also stimulated by projects, such as Greenlight, wanted by the European Union and proposed to all new members of the 'Union.

With the PASPORT public lighting project, the Technical Service of the Municipality of Zlin and the company AKTE, have managed to carry out a census of all the systems, with the aim of knowing in detail the extent and evaluating current and achievable consumptions. , in line with the objectives assigned by the EU This energy audit was carried out in 2004 and brought the following results:


The work to be carried out was divided into several lots, in order to finance the intervention with the energy savings obtained.

First intervention
The first activity consisted, between 2002 and 2004, in the work carried out by the municipality of ZLIN with the CEA (Czech Energy Agency) and AKTE. Part of the lighting fixtures and sources have been replaced, with more efficient modern fixtures and high pressure sodium lamps, where necessary. This led to an initial reduction in consumption of around 10%.

At the same time, 17 luminous flux controllers produced by Revetec were installed, for a nominal power of 326 kVA. All the controllers are equipped with an astronomical clock in order to reduce the system start-up hours from 4400 per year to 4350.

Second intervention: carried out by Siemens Austria in 2006

A considerable part of the lighting equipment was replaced, so the average power of the light points was significantly reduced by about 35%, due to the greater efficiency of the new luminaires.

35 luminous flux controllers were installed for a nominal power of 659 kVA. All the luminous flux regulators, also by Revetec, are equipped with an integrated astronomical clock to reduce the operating hours from 4350 to 4200 hours per year.

Third intervention: to be carried out by Siemens Austria in 2007

From 15 to 20 controllers, with power from 230 to 320KVA, will be installed and with them a modern Maestro-type remote control system, in client - server configuration, in order to allow the operator total control of the systems and the municipality of ZLIN verification of the interventions carried out, assessment of the service level, monitoring of energy consumption.